Outlet Type Examples:

120v Outlet Type Examples

Why Dakota Grills LLC


It’s a grill! - Grill juicy steaks or pork chops.

It’s a smoker! – Smoke flavorful salmon, mesquite chicken and hickory ribs.

It’s an oven! – Bake moist cakes and cookies, delicious pies and even pizza.

It's a Dakota Grill™ – and it's all three in one!


Flavorful – Enhance natural flavors or embellish with various types of wood smoke.

Melts-in-mouth – Produce tender and juicy meat every time.

Adjustable – Flavor is consistent and easily modified.

Great flavor every time – adjustable to your taste.


Cook anything! – Grill, Smoke, or Bake a wide variety of food

Cook anytime! – Enjoy great barbecues year-round in sun, rain, snow, or wind.

Cook anywhere! - Inside or outside; even grill in your kitchen. Bad weather? Who cares?

Cook Anything, Anytime, Anywhere!


No fire – No gas bottles, charcoal or ashes; no flare-ups, fires or explosions.

No babysitting – Automatically switches from “cook” to “keep warm” – no need to watch.

No hassle – No need to trim fat, flip meat, or test for doneness.

No Flare-Ups Guaranteed, No worries, No problems.

Elegant Simplicity or Simply Elegant?

The Dakota Grill™ was designed and built in South Dakota using the latest in electronic technology. No longer will you need to mess with propane or charcoal to get the grilled flavor you desire.

Simply plug the grill into an outlet, insert the electronic probe into the food and set the controls. You choose how you want your food cooked and how hot you want your grill. That’s it! No checking, no hassle, no worries. Just perfectly cooked food every time — so simple you don't even flip meats.

In a time when everybody is multi-tasking, the Dakota Grill™ is the answer for busy families. This grill automatically adjusts the temperature down to a “warm” setting when the probe senses the food is finished cooking. There’s time to prepare the salads and set the table with out worrying about burning the food.

You can enjoy a delicious meal at your leisure with this grill. Have great barbecues no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. This insulated grill can be used in the rain and in the middle of winter. Even better, you have no need to brave the elements, this grill can be used indoors.

A Dakota Grill™ is not just a grill; it is also a wonderful smoker and a high-quality oven. The smoker is so well engineered that you can make anything a professional smokehouse could, from ham or bacon to smoked turkeys or salmon to summer-sausage or racks of ribs. Smoking is simplicity itself — attach the smoker tray and toss in a few dry wood chips; when done, the grill switches to warm mode. Chips need not be moistened nor replenished.

One last feature you’re sure to appreciate is our grease-management system. Designed for easy clean-up and minimal mess, it will save you time after the meal.

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Outlet Type Examples:

120v Outlet Type Examples