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120v Outlet Type Examples

Built-In Series


Starting at $2,319

Our Built-In Series model is unique since it is designed to fit into a standard 36" tall by 24" deep counter, built indoors or out. Installation is very flexible; you may build your counter around the grill body or use optional trim pieces for a retrofit, but access to the grease jar (underneath grill) is necessary.

Built-In Series
Built-In Series

The body, lid and grates are made of high quality 430 or 304 stainless steel. Powder-coat paint on zinc-plated steel is used for the lid handle. All fasteners are stainless steel. These grills are exceptionally well built! You can grill or bake on them year-round inside your house with no smoke.

The optional Exhaust System allows you to smoke indoors, without a hood. It uses a 50 cfm fan to exhaust smoke through an adjustable vent into a 2" diameter tube. As long as the lid is closed, all smoke is drawn out through the Exhaust System.

Ensuring even temperatures throughout, two inches of high-temp insulation within the body & lid keep the exterior cool to the touch and provide extreme energy-efficiency, even in cold and windy conditions. Energy-usage is minimal: ½ kWh (about 7¢) cooks your steaks and burgers, far less than the $1 or more a gas grill would guzzle. Multiply this by many thousands of uses over the grill's 30-year lifespan, and a Dakota Grill™ becomes a wise investment.

Power Requirements

Our Built-In grills draw 1750 watts at 120 volts. You may wire them in directly. Otherwise, if you use an outlet, it must be grounded and in most instances, a GFCI outlet. (GFCIs are required in kitchens and outdoor areas by the National Electric Code; Wikipedia describes them in detail.)

Technical Details

Dimensions: 24"W x 16"D x 44.6"H
Pre-heat Time: 10-13 minutes @ 300°F to 350°F
Grilling Area: 480 sq. inches
Wattage: 1750 watts*
Power Requirement: 120 volt outlet (see diagram), or hardwired

*1850 watts available upon request

Options and Accessories

Base Cabinet with Doors - Stainless steel base cabinet provides storage and easy access to the grease jar.

Lid Grill Cover - High quality Aqualon cover fits neatly around lid. Many colors are available (charcoal gray is the most popular).

Sandblasting - Artwork of your choice etched into the lid or grill body. We have many standard designs, or we can create a new one just for you.

Custom message - Add a unique message to the electronic display (great for gifts!).

Extra Smoker Tray - Although one smoker tray produces a tremendous amount of smoke (as much as we ever want), some prefer yet more smoke.

Locking casters - Maneuver your grill into tight corners and lock it in place. (Adds 2-3 week lead-time.)

Custom paint job - Color of your choice to match home decor.(Requires significant lead-time.)


Please call our sales department at (605) 847-4713 to arrange specifics (such as delivery options and customizations). You may also purchase from one of our dealers or order online.

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Built-In Series Useful Info

Manual (PDF)

Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Additional Option

Included With Grill

Removable Stainless Steel Parts:

  • Top (lift-up) Grate
  • Bottom Grate Set
  • Smoker Tray
  • Drip Pan


  • Meat Probe
  • Grease Jar
  • Deluxe Seasoning Basket
  • Lg. Wood-Chip Assortment
  • Custom Etching
  • Custom Message
  • DG Apron & Chef Hat


Service (call anytime!):

  • Warranty
  • Personal Service
  • Tech Support
  • Cooking Advice

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Outlet Type Examples:

120v Outlet Type Examples