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120v Outlet Type Examples

Benefits of Dakota Grills


Grill, Bake, or Smoke – Our grill is three appliances in one; it can be used as a grill, smoker, or oven.

Inside or Outside – Our grill is designed for indoor or outdoor use; when grilling or baking it produces no smoke.

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall – Our grill is insulated and can be used in the middle of winter, to temperatures as cold as 20° F below zero.

Grill Steaks & Cookies at the same time – Because our grill focuses on minimal airflow and no smoke, flavor cross-contamination is eliminated; thus foods may be grilled or baked at the same time.


Automatic, cook-by-probe technology – A specialized probe measures the internal temperature of meats, allowing the digital controls to monitor meat temperature. The grill automatically switches to “keep-warm” mode when the meat reaches your specified temperature.

Needs no “babysitting” – Meats do not need to be monitored or flipped. The grill alerts you when it has finished grilling or baking.

Easy to Use – Digital controls powered by a microcomputer provide a simple menu-driven interface. Simply enter the grill temperature and either the baking time or target meat temperature (and put the probe in the meat).

Easy to Clean – The grates fit in the sink and the drip pan lifts out for quick and easy cleanup. The interior of the grill stays clean to the touch because grease does not smoke nor condense inside.

None of the Hassles of Gas or Charcoal – No smoke, no fire, no matches, no tanks, no briquettes, no burns, no explosions.

Wonderful Food

Tender and Juicy meat – Minimal airflow (thanks to electric heat) keeps meats tender and juicy. Juices literally run out when meats are cut.

Accentuates natural flavors – No burned-grease or other false flavors; only the natural flavors of the meat are present. Additional flavors are easy to add with seasonings or wood smoke.

Cooks to perfection every time – Whether grilling or baking, the results are consistent. The digital controls allow precision grilling so you can cook to perfection. Both the grill and target meat temperatures can be independently set.

Smoke wood chips for additional flavors – A handful of dry wood chips can add a great deal of flavor. Due to minimal airflow, the chips smolder rather than burn.

No burned-grease taste - Grease does not burn or smoke (which causes carcinogens), so the “traditional” burned-grease taste is not present; instead you can experience the delicate, natural meat flavors. Remember, flavors are easy to add but impossible to remove.

Health and Safety

No Grease Smoke; No Carcinogens – Our grill produces healthy food.

No Flare-Ups, Fires, or Explosions – No worries about burning food or yourself.

Insulated Body Helps Prevent Burns – The exterior is cool to the touch in most places; children are unlikely to get burned.

Accidental Activation is Very Unlikely – The “ON” button must be held for three seconds to activate the grill; even then, it does not cook until temperatures are entered.

Precision Controls

Automatic, Precise, and Consistent – Precision grilling, baking, or smoking for consistent and reliable results every time.

Top-Quality food every time – Foods are flavorful, moist, and precisely cooked.

Cooks exactly how you want – You may set the grill temperature anywhere between 110° F and 400° F, and can set the meat-probe target temperature anywhere up to 220° F. Unleash Your Inner Chef.™


Double-walled & insulated – Energy efficient design allows quick heat-up time, large cooking area, and 110V operation.

Inexpensive energy – The grill uses less than a kilowatt to cook most meals; a roast costs under 10 cents in electricity and hamburgers cost less than 5 cents.


Personalization – Personalize your grill with laser-etched images, messages, photos, or drawings. This is perfect for memorializing a gift, or let your grill shine as classy and functional art.

Custom or Standard Images – Provide your own graphics or choose from our standard sets.

Custom Features – If you are dying to have unique features (more so than we already provide), we will do our best to accommodate.

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Outlet Type Examples:

120v Outlet Type Examples