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Overnight Pulled Pork

Overnight Pulled Pork

Grilling Time: Overnight

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Where to Cook: Lower Grate

Additional Information/Details:

  • Season pork-butt roast (aka "Boston Butt")
  1. Heap smoker tray with lilac, cherry, apple, or hickory wood. Season pork-butt roast (aka "Boston Butt") liberally with Dakota Grills Country Seasoning™. Smoking: move grill outside, set the grill temperature for 320°F, timer for 40 minutes, and lid-vent on #2 for 1-2 roasts (#3 for 3-4 roasts or #4 for 5-6).
  2. After grill switches to "WARM" mode, you may bring the grill back inside - but first, briefly open the lid to let out remaining smoke (this is also a good time to insert the probe into the roast). For 1-2 roasts, seal the lid-vent with tinfoil (or paper towel in a pinch); for additional roasts, set vent to #1 (minimum setting, but not sealed -- you want to see a small amount of smoke or vapor).
  3. Set grill at 220°F, set probe for 140°F and/or timer for 4 hours, and set WARM temperature to 195°F. Before you leave, empty the grease jar and put a pan underneath in case it overflows (one roast can overfill a quart jar; for multiple roasts, use a bucket). Allow to cook all night long. IMPORTANT: switch "6-Hr Shutoff" to "N" (shuts off in 12 hours instead of 6) or set "SAFE OFF" to 12 hours or more.* Both "WARM" and "6-Hr Shutoff" or "Safe-Off" are found in the OPTIONS menu.
  4. In the morning, smear a handful of apple jelly over the top and sides of the roast (do not turn, flip, or pull on the roast as it will cause moisture loss). Also wipe gasket and top ring to remove condensation from the grill. Serve at any time.
  5. You may hold the roast several hours longer on WARM mode; or if holding all day, adjust WARM temperature back down to 180°F and make sure the vent is sealed. When finished serving, open lid and wipe gasket and top ring to remove any additional condensation; leave the lid open to allow your grill to dry.
Quick Tips
  • Periodically check the internal meat (probe) temperature: it should hold at 140°F or above (adjust your WARM temperature if necessary). According to the USDA's food-safety guidelines, meat temperature should not drop below 140°F for more than two hours. *Newer firmware uses "SAFE Off" instead of "6-Hr Shutoff". Both settings do the same thing, but "SAFE Off" allows you to adjust the Shutoff delay by hours and minutes. Once you exceed 9 hours, hours are counted alphabetically, such that "A" is equivalent to 10 hours, "B" is 11 hours, C-12, D-13, E-14, F-15, G-16, H-17, and finally "I" is 18 hours, which is the maximum.

This recipe was submitted by: Dakota Grills, LLC of Lake Preston, SD

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