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Venison or Beef Steaks

Venison or Beef Steaks

Grilling Time: 30 Minutes

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Where to Cook: Upper or Lowers Grate

Additional Information/Details:

  • 8 Ounce Venison or Beef Steaks
  • Dakota Grills Sizzlin' Steak Seasoning™
  1. Season steaks to taste with Dakota Grills Sizzlin' Steak Seasoning™.
  2. Place steaks on cold or preheated grill and insert probe; bottom rack cooks slightly faster than top.
  3. Set grill temperature to 320°F and probe to 140°F (steak will reach 145°F).
  4. Finished in approx. 30 minutes from cold grill. (If preheated, subtract 10 minutes; if cooking at 340°F, subtract another 5.)
Quick Tips
  • Recommended side-dishes: grill mushrooms (slice, add dab of butter, season), sweet peppers (slice), or cookies (preheat and use cookie sheet) on top rack; grill onion rings (slice from fresh onion, or use frozen rings from package) on bottom rack. Ready at same time as venison.

This recipe was submitted by: Adam Sorenson of Lake Preston, SD

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