Escaviitched Fish (Jamaican) Recipe

Escaviitched Fish (Jamaican)

This recipe was submitted by Dakota Grills, LLC of Lake Preston, SD
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Grilling time: 20-25
Rest Time: Minutes
Where To Cook:

  2 lbs. Fish (Tilapia, Northern, Walleye, etc. - your choice) 3 Carrots 1 Onion
  1 Red Pepper 1 Yellow Pepper 3 Tbsp. Vinegar
  1 Tbsp. Butter
Julienne all vegetables (cut into long, thin strips), and place in small pan.

Add vinegar and butter.

Set grill at 320°F and place fish and vegetables on grill.

Cook for 20-25 minutes until fish is done.

Place vegetables on fish and serve.

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