Testimonials from a few of our Satisfied Customers

"My partner and I just put your grills in our store, 'Midwest Grills and More', at Lake Ozark Mo. I did not have a chance to see them until this week end! WOW !!! What a great product!! Be very proud, we will do all we can to help sell them. I am a new fan!"

Midwest Grills and More
3243 Bagnell Dam Blvd
Lake Ozark, MO 65049
Tim Muehring
Co-Owner Midwest Grocers Supply LLC
Quincy, IL

All Owner

"Without a doubt, the new Dakota Grill is light years ahead of everyone else. We use it at least once per day and have served friends in groups of 4 to 20+. The backribs we've made were awesome. They were tender, very juicy, with great flavor."

"We've also made prime rib several times. We now have 9 family orders for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"I am now ready to sell my 3 HastyBakes - never thought I would say that. I compare the change like going from a PC to a Mac computer."

"Probably the most important thing. In the past, once the leftovers (or planned overs) are refrigerated, they are dry and the taste is poor by comparison to off the grill. Not true with your grill. Even hamburger patties are juicy and taste great reheated."
Joe Wasson
Retired Meat Specialist
Sioux Falls, SD

Stately Owner

"Dakota Grills has come up with a surefire way of grilling red meat & fish. The probe makes it a cinch to be able to grill to perfection every time. If a smoke flavor is desired, this grill can also do that. This electric grill has no flare-ups to ruin meat. The quality of venison we cook rivals any store bought meat so you can imagine what a steak will taste like. We highly recommend this grill." Vern Boer
President - Wild Dakota Productions
Lyons, SD

Stately Owner

"I am most pleased with my Dakota Grill than anything else I have ever bought. I own 2 Holland Grills and haven't used them since the purchase of my Dakota Grill. I cook wild game on my grill, and it turns out great!" Curt Tesh
Rosholt, SD

Stately Owner

"We just love our Dakota Grill. It's our favorite way to cook turkeys, pork and beef tenderloins. The meat is just so flavorful and moist. It's great for me to just be able to turn it on and not worry about it the grill turns itself down to a 'warm' setting when the meat is done cooking. That's fantastic! No longer do I have to worry about ruining a meal from over-cooking. Now I can concentrate on social time with our guests, instead of constantly watching the grill!" Greg Kneip
Sioux Falls, SD

Stately Owner

"We LOVE our Dakota Grill ! We have 3 Grills and find that the Dakota Grill absolutely comes thru as the champion. My Grandfather always said "the quality remains LONG after the price is forgotten". This grill is not the cheapest Grill that you can buy, But it WILL be the one that gives you pride EVERYTIME you serve your family and friends." David & Sara Kneip
Brookings, SD

Stately Owner

"My Dakota Grill made the best prime rib I have ever had in my life! I'm purchasing a second one for my AZ home."

"Ease of cleaning is one of its best features!"
Bruce Walker

Stately Owner

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