Shrimp Poppers Recipe

* If you've don't normally cook shrimp, you can leave the tails on a few shrimp poppers to help indicate when they are fully cooked. (Look for a change in color from clear to red/orange tails.)

Shrimp Poppers

This recipe was submitted by Dakota Grills, LLC by Kathy Sorenson of Lake Preston, SD
Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Grilling time: 20-25
Rest Time: Minutes
Where To Cook:

  Shrimp Pineapple Bacon
  Olive Oil Dakota Grills Country Seasonings™
If not already done, shell and devein shrimp. Wrap shrimp & pineapple with bacon and skewer with toothpick. Brush on Olive oil and sprinkle with Dakota Grills Country Seasoning™. Shrimp will turn red-orange and bacon semi-brown when done (bacon will not be crispy). Cooking time varies depending on size of shrimp and pineapple chunks; don't over- or under-cook. Takes 10-15 minutes when grill is preheated to 320.
Additional Information
Difficulty Level: 0     Serves: 0     Ready In: 30 Minutes      Where To Cook: