Introducing A Better Way To Grill It!, Bake It! Smoke It!!

Produce very good food - very easily.

Do you like juicy, flavorful, and tender meat?

You get exactly what you desire every time. You'll have so much juice, you won't want paper plates. Unlike most grills, which dry your foods while cooking, our patented design retains juices and is much more effective than searing. The flavor is always wonderful, no matter what your cooking style.

Do you want safety and convenience - no fuel, no fire, no flare-ups?

Our electric grill is safer, simpler, and much easier to use than a gas or charcoal grill. You never have to worry about starting or stopping fires, singeing your eyebrows, or dousing flare-ups. Because the exterior stays cool, children (and adults) are unlikely to get burned. Grilling should be safe and fun, not dangerous or difficult!

Do you want something quick and easy-to-use that won't burn your food?

With a Dakota Grill, you insert a meat probe, set the grill, and walk away. It's that easy. You don't need to check your meat, or flip it, or worry about it. When your food is done (to whatever temperature you set), the grill alerts you. And don't rush to take your meat off – this grill automatically keeps it warm, without overcooking.


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Do you want food that is healthier and tastes better?

Our grills produce no carcinogens and enhance the natural flavor of meat – you do not get the typical "burned–grease" flavor unless you want it. With our grill, you control the outcome: barbecue or smoke; it's your choice.

...never flipping a steak again. to perfection – every time – even when you're not there.

...enjoying the best grilled taste of your life.